What are the modules in the course?
Autism and me
Learn more about how autism affects your child and create a profile. 

“No-one youer than you” Dr Seuss

How can we help? 

Strategies and goals that will work for your child and situation

“Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way” 

Supporting behaviour

Develop an effective emotional regulation and behaviour plan. 

“And if things start to happen, don’t worry.  Don’t stew.”  Dr Seuss 

How to register?

  • With a credit or debit card using the get started link on the right. You will receive an activation code to start the course right away.   


  • By invoice - download the application form (click the button below).  Complete and return by email.  We will send your organisation a tax invoice at the same time as we send out the activation code. 

Whole school or institution?

This option is very cost effective (as little as $20 per person) for schools, RTLB clusters or other institutions. We will set you up with your own class for your school or institution.​​

In Australia or the rest of the world?

Go directly to the course on the Open Learning site and pay directly in $99 AUD.  Or email us for invoice options.

What does it cost in New Zealand?

Team (3) 


Whole school (10) 


Individual (1) 


$50 for April only