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These modules provide comprehensive individual evidence-based assessment and planning for children with autism aged from 4 to 13 years.  The principles are also appropriate for other ages, but the materials in the course are specifically for this age range. 


We have developed profiles for four children at different ages and stages - you will meet our family (whānau) through videos in the courses and they will help guide you through the process.   


You will also 'meet' our skilled and experienced facilitators.  Some of them are on camera and others have been involved in scripting and developing material for these courses. 

By the end of the three modules, you will have:

  • a profile to share with others who work with the child

  • be using strategies you have learned to work on goals as part of a plan

  • developed an emotional regulation and behaviour plan. 

These will be specific to the child that you work with.  

If you register as a team, you will be set up as a group in the course, so you can collaborate and share ideas and resources online.  This will have the best outcome as home and school will be on the same page.  For privacy reasons, only the people in your team will be in your group. 

What do we need to participate?


You need to sign up to get an activation code.


You need access to a device with a screen (preferably a computer or laptop).  A phone or small screen would be difficult to use.  Once you are signed up, you can log-in to the course on any computer.

The course is hosted on  You will get instructions on how to sign up and use your activation code to start the course.