About tips for AUTISM

tips is about AUTISM has delivered 344 face-to-face courses to over 10,000 individuals. At the heart of everything we do are three messages:

  • autistic individuals are taonga and can teach us more than we can teach them

  • learning together is a wonderful experience - we can learn about autism, our child, strategies that match our team and situation, and about ourselves

  • our knowledge, skills and experience will guide us to understand other children and share it in other teams


All our courses and initiatives have some things in common:

  • the individual is at the centre

  • learning as much as we can about their world

  • working with their strengths and interests

  • planning together using evidence

The key education messages in the NZ Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline are at the heart of all our courses:

  • Range of approaches to suit child and setting

  • Implementation across settings

  • Choice of evidence-based strategies

  • Engaging, understanding and supporting, not fixing

  • Including the student, using peers to support

  • Positive attitudes, expertise in ASD, and working in a team

  • Child is engaged in daily functional learning activities

  • Goals are modified if they are not working

  • Positive behaviour supports

  • Transition planning

Ki te kotahi te kaakaho ka whati, ki te kapuia e kore e whati

Evidence and evaluation:

You can read the New Zealand ASD Guideline in full by searching ASD Guidelines on the Ministry of Health website www.health.govt.nz


You can read the report from an evaluation of the 3-day course by Massey University at this link

Online policies


"Really enjoyed the course and as a parent I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to do this with a team from our son’s school – it’s very humbling to see the amount of effort they have put in to support our child.  I have also had a lot of practical learning to apply and continue through our home life which will connect through to his life at school. Thanks!" 

"One of the best PD courses I have done in the 10 years I’ve been teaching. All very useful, realistic and purposeful practice."  


"Brilliantly designed course to get collaboration happening – we watched it happening in all the teams during discussions over the period of the course."