About tips for AUTISM

tips is about AUTISM was developed in New Zealand in early 2000.  It was delivered nationwide through 344 face-to-face courses to over 10,000 individuals between 2000 and 2019.   It is team-based and child centred.  


The online course uses the same materials and resources and has over 1000 participants.   At the heart of everything we do are some principles:

  • the individual is at the centre

  • learning as much as we can about their world

  • working with their strengths and interests

  • planning together using evidence

Ki te kotahi te kaakaho ka whati, ki te kapuia e kore e whati 

The course uses readings, video and visual resources and uses case studies and video made by our 24 facilitators.  


They are all experienced parents, teachers and professionals, tuned in to the latest evidence, and have real life examples to make theory practical.  

Evidence and evaluation:

You can read the report from an evaluation of the 3-day course by Massey University at this link


"Really enjoyed the course and as a parent I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to do this with a team from our son’s school – it’s very humbling to see the amount of effort they have put in to support our child.  I have also had a lot of practical learning to apply and continue through our home life which will connect through to his life at school. Thanks!" 

"One of the best PD courses I have done in the 10 years I’ve been teaching. All very useful, realistic and purposeful practice."  


"Brilliantly designed course to get collaboration happening – we watched it happening in all the teams during discussions over the period of the course."

Andrea Graham - parent and professional

Bern Hocquard - RTLB

Bridget Carter - parent and teacher

Cat Noakes-Duncan - parent, teacher and professional

Cath Schofield - special education teacher

Cheryl Palmer - speech language therapist

Dean Sutherland -  Speech language Therapist

Dervla Beaumont - SLT and Practice Manager

Hanna Randall - parent and special education advisor

Janine Moran - parent and educational psychologist

Jenny Lee - parent and teacher

Joleen Milward - early intervention teacher 

Keryn Mells - parent and teacher

Kerry McBride - early intervention teacher and parent

Kerryn Long - special education advisor

Kristy Haslam - educational psychologist and parent

Lauren Foster - speech language therapist

Maria Boolieris - occupational therapist

Megan Fidler - special education advisor and parent

Muno Richards - speech language therapist

Naomi Grigg - speech language therapist

Phillippa Williams - parent and teacher

Richard Belton - parent and former principal

Sharyn Gousmett - educational psychologist

tips for AUTISM  collaborators